Ted Like Talk

In Language Arts, we have been making a talk about something we have a passion for so as soon as my Language Arts teacher said this I thought I will do something on fishing.

The reason I decided to do this is that I am very passionate about fishing so I thought it would be a fun topic to do when Mrs. Donnelly told us we were going to do this. Also, I have made many mistakes when I have fished before not taking into consideration the time of year and how active the bass are. So hopefully this will keep you from choosing the wrong bait when you go fishing next.

Tree Book

This is our tree book. We have been working on them with our teacher and helped by Peg Gignoux. Peg is a artist that helped or class create these awesome books. You might be wondering what the tree books are; they are books made up of people and things we love and things we don’t like. My book really gave me a place to show my appreciation for people including my grandpa in our Roots writing. I noticed that my teacher and Peg worked hard on this for our books to turn out awesome.

We started the books by making the tree and the inside. We did this by painting and cutting cardboard. Also, we made leave imprints on paper to add a design on the outside. Then we put these on the cardboard cut out. This ended up giving us the perfect canvas to put our writing on.

We made three pieces of text each with its own meaning. Salute to My Roots, When This is Over, and my Life List. These all were very cool to write and they finished off our books and made them that much better. Then we got the opportunity to put them on display at an art gallery in Durham. I thank my teacher and Peg for this awesome experience.




For the past 3 months, we have been doing a unit about stocks. We started this unit because of a book. In this book, The Westing Game, a character named Turtle Wexler invests in stocks. We took this as an opportunity to learn about stocks.

Some of the things I learned will be beneficial later in life. This leads us to take a deep dive into how to deal with and what stocks are. I learned how to code a spreadsheet. The spread sheet helped us keep our investments organized and also to help us calculate how much we lost or made.  Then I noticed over time that stocks fluctuate a lot so you have to do research before buying. I noticed that some of the bigger companies fluctuate more than others so I bought some cheap stocks because they only fluctuate by a little bit of money. 

The stocks I invested in include CHK, TGT, FTXG, BRK-B, DIS, and AAPL. The reason I invested in these is because of the fact that I own some of these stocks in real life. Also noticed Friday the 13th of May all the stocks went up, but we sold the day before. I invested a total of 20,000 dollars (not real) and lost 1546.60 dollars. Another reason for this unit is it can help us later in life by investing in stocks.

Overall I really like this unit, and at the end of the year, it was very fun. I would love to have another unit like this one in my future school experience. 

Morehead Planetarium

On Wednesday our school took us on a field trip to the planetarium. We got to hang out with friends and have a chill day. I got to watch a live science show with some experiments with electricity and gases. Then we went into the dome and we watched a video about astronauts and what they go through while going through training and going through space.

The dome show was my favorite part also walking around the campus was very cool. I learned some cool things like UNC was the first public college.

If you have the chance to go to the UNC campus and visit the planetarium I would definitely take it up because of not only the science you learn in the planetarium but the history of the campus is incredible.

Who is Bob Dylan?

Over a week ago I read a book called, “Who is Bob Dylan?”. This is a great short book. The thing I most liked about this book and how I found it is that my parents and grandparents listen to Bob Dylan.

It starts out telling us about a young boy named Robert Zimmerman. You might be asking who Robert Zimmerman is well that was Bob Dylan’s original name. The book starts talking about his childhood and who and how he grew up.

I don’t want to give too many spoilers but I definitely recommend checking this book out and reading it. It is one of my favorite books in The Who Was/is series. It is also a good book just to pick up and read in a day or two.

Thank you and have a good day.


Wisdom Tale Comic

For the last couple of weeks my class has been writing comics about wisdom tales. A wisdom tale is a story with a moral that we use every day.

The Wisdom tale I wrote about was called The Blue Jackal. It’s about a Jackal who tries to act as someone who he isn’t. In the story, he falls into a thing of spices and dyes that turn him blue. Then when the other animals see him they see his vibrant colors and call him a god and treat him nicely.

After a while, other animals start to question his authenticity. So they devise a plan to see if he really is a god. They think that if they howl and he howls back it will show his true colors because only a true god wouldn’t howl.

When it comes time for the plan they start. Then a few seconds later the blue jackal starts howling. This comes as a shock to the others. They have treated him so nice and he ended up being a fraud. They start after him and sprint for a while then he disappears never to be seen again.

The moral here is to not act like someone you are not. As a student, I liked this activity and it was pretty fun being able to draw and make a comic.

Egg Drop

Today in science we did a egg drop. I based my design off a previous build by Youtuber Mark Rober. I noticed that I didn’t have some of the materials that he used so I had to improvise. I ended up using a pad of wrap and some cotton balls on the inside. Then I used card board and duck tape on the outside.

I tested my design but it broke apart so I had to think. I thought maybe the duck tape was lose. That was the case so I had to redo the whole outside of the experiment. So after doing that I tested it again and it was a success, it didn’t fall apart.

Then it was time for the drop. I was tense. I went have way through the dropping without doing mine. Then it was my turn I walked up to the edge and dropped it the parachute worked and slowed it down. Then it hit the ground. I ran down the stairs and opened up my lander the egg was intact and I was jumping around with joy because of the success of my lander.


It white and powdery it flutters in the air, its snow. I love snow it makes a cold winter day a bit better. It might be annoying when you have to drive or when it’s ice. But at one point we were all kids and waking up on a crisp cold day to white powder as far as the eye can see. We all know that feeling of joy of sledding with your friends. You think your going 100 miles an hour. It makes us feel almost in a different world.

We can all agree that when school is cancelled we feel relieved that we have a day off but now because of online school snow isn’t fun. It means that we have a full day of sitting on our iPads, phones, or laptops. This paper should get out to all of the schools out there and if it snows let the kids have fun and go outside instead of rotting their brain from the tyranny of what is school work.

The reason I say this is because of my opinion on going outside every once and a while is not bad for the brain, it is good. It helps expand our mind on finding new hobbies exploring new places and getting fresh air. Snow is a break so a kid can be a kid and have fun.

Habits of Learning

Since the beginning of the school year my class has been doing something called habits of learning. This is supposed to have a compound affect on what you do every day you will get better at. The effect it had on me was being stronger in the core.  Also this helped me with persevering through more things of this nature.

This wasn’t easy though because my mind kept telling me to stop, and it was really hard for me to do it every day. When I was planking I read to help distract me. This only worked for a little but though. So I thought maybe talking to my friends about up coming things that were happening would help. These ideas helped me and it ended up being a success.

We just ended our first habit of learning planking at Thanksgiving break, so now I am doing 10 push ups a day and add 3 every week. This really has changed my mindset on things I want to do. I thought everyday of the last week that I couldn’t do it, but I think about how long I had been doing it for kept going. I think my new habit will be fun because it uses strength and will power.

The reason I chose this new one is because I thought it would help me with my arms and core. Also the compound affect my be a bit bigger than planking. This habit has been fun so far, so I’m going to keep going with it.

I also introduced this idea to my friends out of school and now they are doing it with me. Overall, this has been very hard to do but fun. So far on my new habits of learning I have done well but I should do better. You should try this it really helps with mental health and strengthening your core. I thought it would be boring but it ended up being fun.